Waterly buoys

Innovative water quality monitoring system

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How it works?

This is an innovative water monitoring service based on fully autonomous measuring buoys that analyze key water parameters with unprecedented frequency, including: oxygenation, acidity, salinity, turbidity, temperature or conductivity. They are maintenance-free, fully resistant to changing weather conditions or seasons, and 100% solar-powered. They can work anywhere a regular phone loses range to the GSM network. Waterly's easy-to-read app panel provides instant access to water status information.

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Main features



It works continuously, regardless of weather conditions, time of day or season. The heavy-duty design performs well in winter conditions and is completely resistant to icing of the water surface.

Waterly buoys are smart devices, equipped with a series of detectors that continuously analyze the environment and detect vandalism or unauthorized removal from the water.



Problems can be prevented, but there are situations that cannot be prevented. Then what matters is the time in which you receive information about the situation. You have a chance to react immediately.

Waterly is a innovative system that transmits certain and specific information directly to the application on your phone. Immediately.



Our system is supported by artificial intelligence algorithms. This allows us to forecast the possibility of a threat in a given body of water, such as blue-green algae or ghosting.

This is a real game changer in environmental protection!



Our system is supported by AI algorithms. This makes it possible to predict the possibility of a threat in a given body of water, such as the occurrence of blue-green algae or ghosting.

This is a real game changer in environmental protection!



Depending on your needs, Waterly buoys, can be equipped with sensors for conductivity, temperature, water salinity, amount of solids, level of acidification, oxygenation, or amount of nitrates dissolved in the water. The device can also monitor water levels and act as a digital water level gauge.

And in addition to water, the Waterly buoys also record temperature, humidity and air pressure.



Waterly provides access to the app through water monitoring dashboards. This allows any person to check the status of water on their smartphone.

If you wish, you can showcase the quality of water around your facility on your website. All you need to do is to place a special Waterly widget on your site according to our instructions. In addition, we can also promote your facility as a funder contributing to the development of water monitoring worldwide in our app!



Our Team

Tomasz Kamiński



Tom is a specialist in the field of electronics. He is an engineer with more than 20 years of experience in constructing and servicing electronics and writing software for embedded systems.

Patryk Kamiński



The originator of Waterly and a professional in every way. Passionate about electronics and computer science from an early age. Graduate of Gdansk University of Technology.



A born programmer. Handles every task with attention to detail. A specialist with an innovative approach to information systems in the broadest sense.

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