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Waterly is an innovative water quality monitoring system that uses the latest technologies to take care of the most valuable resource on Earth. Thanks to the Waterly system, you can be sure that bathing in a lake, river or sea is safe for you and your children, and the parameters of the water provide the right conditions for the growth of local fauna and flora.

The heart of the Waterly system are fully autonomous Waterlab measuring stations equipped with a set of sensors analyzing selected water parameters such as: oxygenation, turbidity, hardness, acidity, salinity, temperature or color, with an unprecedented frequency!


Waterly measuring stations have a permanent connection to the Internet, even where mobile phones lose GSM network coverage. It is possible thanks to the application of a special communication standard, created for the needs of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Based on the measured water parameters, the Waterly system determines its quality index, which is available for free to every citizen in the world! Advanced system users, by purchasing a subscription, have access to individual parameter values. Both current and historical. All you need to access the data visualization is a web browser. In addition, there is also a dedicated mobile application for Android and iOS.

The Waterly system is in symbiosis with nature! The Waterlab measuring station helps to protect the environment and at the same time draws energy from it for work – it is powered directly from solar energy.



Conductivity is a parameter of water that tells you to what extent water conducts electricity. A high concentration of solutes results in a higher level of conductivity. Water pollution, e.g. with chemicals, causes higher conductivity.


Aquatic life is dependent on the appropriate concentration of dissolved oxygen. Surface water normally has an oxygen concentration of 9.2 mg/L at 20°C, 14.5 mg/L at 0°C. However, the dissolved oxygen level in surface water can change rapidly, eg due to phytolankton or anaerobic processes.


The pH indicator tells you how acidic or alkaline your water is. Water bodies such as lakes or rivers usually have a pH in the range 6.5 to 8.5. Too high or too low pH values can lead to the death of fauna and flora in surface waters.


One of the parameters determining the quality of the water. Pure water is slightly light blue in color and appears colorless in small volumes. The color of water different from the natural color may be caused by organic waste (leaves, wood), humic substances, industrial sewage or soil erosion. The color of the water may, for example, result from the presence of iron salts (the color is then green-blue), iron and manganese (yellow to brown in color), sulfur (blue), hydrogen sulfide (emerald) or organic substances (yellow, orange, brown, rusty, cherry), brown, black) as well as plankton (then it is green).


Optical (organoleptic) quality of water, which determines the ability to absorb and scatter light rays. It is most often caused by colloidal particles or suspensions (clay particles, organic matter, silica, undissolved carbonates, iron hydroxides, colloidal sulfur, emulsions of various types, and even bacterial clusters).


Temperature is one of the most important factors shaping the course of physical, chemical and biological processes taking place in water reservoirs. The increase in temperature accelerates the biochemical and chemical processes taking place in the waters and may inform about possible illegal sewage discharges.


Tomasz Kamiński


Tomek’s field is hardware. He is an engineer with over 20 years of experience in constructing and servicing electronics as well as writing software for embedded systems.

Patryk Kamiński


The originator of the Waterly and professional in every way. From an early age, he is passionate about electronics and computer technology. A graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology.


Rafał Złotorzyński


Born programmer. With care for details, he accomplishes every task. A specialist with an innovative approach to widely understood information systems.



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