Rivers and lakes

Knowledge of water quality in rivers and lakes is particularly important, yet difficult to obtain. The amount of water makes it a very complicated logistical task to control and monitor them. Rivers flow according to their course and terrain conditions, which makes it insanely difficult to reach some places.

Deterioration of water parameters at a particular site of a river or lake can be caused by events at sites much farther upstream. Traditional methods of monitoring river water quality report the danger too late. Always after the fact, when the effects can be seen with the naked eye.

Waterly buoys are a unique system for monitoring water in rivers and lakes, giving real-time information about the state of water, its parameters and their changes at a specific place and time. Thanks to this, we are able to precisely identify the place where a disturbing event – a deterioration of water parameters – may have occurred, and precisely determine it in time. The possible consequences of such events can be dealt with more quickly, earlier, knowing what section of the river and when the event occurred, so we can prevent further deterioration of water quality.

Lakes, as inland bodies of water, are also subject to dangers from human activity, but also from weather and weather conditions. To prevent and respond to emergencies involving deterioration of water quality and purity parameters, we need to know about it in advance. Not late. Not after the fact. Immediately.

Waterly’s fully autonomous measuring buoys detect and warn that changes are occurring in the water environment. It’s a veritable full-time water watchdog!


Yes, we can equip Waterly buoys with water level monitoring, so the buoy will act like a typical water level gauge – a digital water level gauge. You will be able to configure alarm levels, when exceeded by the system to send you a notification.

Yes. Each Waterly measuring buoy has a beacon that, after dark, cyclically flashes to indicate the status of the water with a color according to the water quality scale. The frequency and brightness of the light can be adjusted through the Waterly app. If the buoy is to be installed on a waterway, it can be configured into starboard or port side lighting mode. If the lighting is unnecessary, it can be turned off completely.

Waterly buoys have a set of sensors on board that monitor such water parameters as temperature, conductivity, salinity, TDS, pH, ORP potential, the amount of oxygen expressed in mg/l and oxygenation expressed in %. The water environment is strongly dependent on atmospheric factors, so Waterly buoys also monitor temperature, humidity and, importantly, atmospheric pressure. Due to its universal design, our measuring devices can be retrofitted to measure additional parameters such as tank depth, water turbidity or the amount of nitrates and phosphates in the water.

Our survey buoys are fully autonomous devices that, regardless of the season, weather conditions, day or night, fully perform their tasks and are a kind of guardian of the water. The design ensures stable operation during strong wave action, and thanks to the use of high-strength materials, the buoys can perfectly cope with winter conditions and are completely resistant to icing of the water surface. So Waterly buoys stay in the water all year round.

Yes. We can prepare a quotation for you with the measurement parameters of your choice so that the Waterly system is “tailor-made” especially for you.

No, the Waterly buoys are completely autonomous. The buoys are equipped with an advanced power system that charges the built-in battery directly from photovoltaic panels. When the sun runs out, such as in winter when the buoy is covered with snow, the devices will continue to operate for up to three months.

The Waterly system is designed to operate in full symbiosis with the environment. Our buoys monitor the environment while simultaneously drawing solar energy from it, which they convert into electricity. As a result, the Waterly system operates continuously 24/7 and as soon as it detects an anomaly in the environment it immediately alerts you to it. It is a kind of full-time water guardian!

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