Tourist facilities with access to water are more popular with visitors. And with Waterly, you can further enhance the value of your facility and increase the number of visitors.
And how do you do it? Install our measuring buoys in the body of water used by your facility’s guests, and then show the world the quality and purity of the water there. The purity and high quality of the water means the safety of your guests, and that’s a tangible asset worth highlighting.

The information about the state of the water will automatically go to the publicly available Waterly app and everyone will be able to check it. In addition, your facility will gain additional promotion in our app by mentioning who funded the surrounding water monitoring with a link to your facility.

If you wish, you can also showcase your facility’s surrounding water quality on your website. All you need to do is to place a special Waterly widget on it according to our instructions, which will show water quality, water temperature and air temperature and humidity in real time.

If there is a bathing area next to your site it is also worth installing a water quality monitoring board. Each board has its own unique QR code, which belongs to the nearest installed measuring buoy. This will allow each visitor to easily and quickly check the water level on their smartphone.

In addition to information on water levels, Waterly will also present information on wave strength, and this is key information for anyone who enjoys water activities – kite surfers, sailors or fishermen.


The Waterly system is designed to operate in full symbiosis with the environment. Our buoys monitor the environment while simultaneously drawing solar energy from it, which they convert into electricity. As a result, the Waterly system operates continuously 24/7 and as soon as it detects an anomaly in the environment it immediately alerts you to it. It is a kind of full-time water guardian!

Our survey buoys are fully autonomous devices that, regardless of the season, weather conditions, day or night, fully perform their tasks and are a kind of guardian of the water. The design ensures stable operation during strong wave action, and thanks to the use of high-strength materials, the buoys can perfectly cope with winter conditions and are completely resistant to icing of the water surface. So Waterly buoys stay in the water all year round.

The Waterly system is completely safe, both for the environment, animals and people. It is designed to serve the purpose of protecting the environment and causing no harm to it.

Waterly buoys have a set of sensors on board that monitor such water parameters as temperature, conductivity, salinity, TDS, pH, ORP potential, the amount of oxygen expressed in mg/l and oxygenation expressed in %. The water environment is strongly dependent on atmospheric factors, so Waterly buoys also monitor temperature, humidity and, importantly, atmospheric pressure. Due to its universal design, our measuring devices can be retrofitted to measure additional parameters such as tank depth, water turbidity or the amount of nitrates and phosphates in the water.

Yes. In accordance with European Union law, the entire Waterly system comes with a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.

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